Literary Map of Asian America Interactive ArcGIS StoryMap
Laughed at My Losses, Mocked at My Gains: Expanding Comedic Boundaries in The Merchant of Venice Through Devaluing the Individual Final Paper for Shakespeare II (English 346)
Writing as Empathy Final Portfolio (Creative Work, Reading Responses, and Peer Feedback) (English 254)
The Eisele Research Group (City College of New York) Writing Consultant Sample Abstract Feedback
Disinterited Ones: Human Understandings and Misunderstandings in Piya's Natural World
Final Paper for Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America (English 398)
Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference 2018 Fiction Collection
Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference 2018 Poetry Manuscript 
Young Lambs Bound - Foresight and Circumstance in Frederick Douglass's and William Wordsworth's Accounts of Childhood Consciousness
Final Paper for Intensive Literary Studies (English 200)
Ocular Proof: Orson Welles’ Visual Transformation of Othello and the Phenomenon of a

Shakespearean Afterlife Without Shakespeare’s Ideas (visual catalogue and analysis)

Final Paper for Shakespeare's Global Afterlife (English 391)

Speak of Me As I Am: The Roles of Geography and Cultural Habits in Determining Race in Othello

Midterm Paper for Shakespeare's Global Afterlife (English 391)

Sample Pitch and Screenplay Romeo and Juliet (set in 1950s Oregon during an Asian-American miscegnation conflict with magical realism)
Assignment for Shakespeare's Global Afterlife (English 391)

Investigating W.E.B. DuBois's Handwritten Edits in A Soliloquy (research conducted through handling primary sources at DuBois Library, UMass Amherst)
Final paper for Ideas that Change the World (Honors 201H)
Shifting Sands: Marxist Theory Behind the United States' Legal Superstructure's Support for Police Militarization
Final paper for Intro to Legal Studies (Legal 250)
Looking for Luck: Copenhagen Quantum Concepts Behind Interaction-Free Measurements
Final paper for Einstein's Dice (Physics 121)
double-time: (an experience in Java) (experimental poetry)
Warmly, Ocean - A Month After the Reading, Poet and Essayist Ocean Vuong Reflects on Craft and Teaching
The Power of Student Voices: Sydney Chaffee at the Western Massachusetts Writing Project's Annual Best Practices Conference
Pensando Xibanya: Voices From the Chinese Diaspora in Spain
Spoon University: Easy Chinese Egg Custard Tarts for Your Back to School Bake Sale
"Expert Industrial Designer: Yi Lut Mak"
"Delfina Giuntini"
The Law Office of Elektra B. Yao (ghostwriting and research articles)

Check Your Notices to Appear in Court for Defectiveness - The Pereira Ruling and its Potential

Getting it Right the First Time - New Guidelines for USCIS Adjudicators

USCIS Updates Policy Guidance for Certain Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny

Arts Extension Service Copy (Spring 2019 Work-Study Assistant)

“Artist-in-Business Training Coming to Springfield this April”



“How to Get an Intern”


Room, "Bull's Head for a Lyre" (2018)


Rattle, "Kootenai Cradleboard" (May 2017)

Blog of Columbia College Chicago, "The Semester of Fading" (May 2017)

Across the Margin, "Potter's Field" + "July Night" + "Film (translation, in English, of Pedro Serrano's "Película" (April 2017)

Bat City Review, "Scientific Method" (Spring 2017)

On Spec, "November" (Spring 2017)

AMPLIFY(HER)(publication of the Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund), "Thunderhead" (August 2016)

ZO Magazine (POETRY EXPOSÉ winner), "Coterie" (Summer 2016)

WomenArts Quarterly Journal, "The Sparrow" (Spring 2016)

YoungArts NY Writers’ Anthology 2016 (poetry)

concis, "Anthophobia" (April 2016)

Alexandria Quarterly, "Fish Catching" + "My Body is Rocks" (2015)

White Stag, "Ars Poetica" (Winter 2015)

Nonbinary Review: Alphanumeric, "Bear Mountain Zuihitsu" (December 2015)

The Critical Pass Review (winner of the Critical Junior Poet's Award), "Girl" + "Kitchen Sestina" (Fall 2015)

Forword: A Bordersenses Literary Project, "the philosophy of time" + Stellar Nurseries (August 2015)

Transcendence, "Variations on a Theme" (July 2015)

Eunoia Review, "Kitchen Sestina" + "Matcha" + "Sometimes I" (June 2015)

Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, "The Sun God Dreams of Night" (Spring 2015)

Forword: A BorderSenses Literary Project (poetry)

Polyphony HS, "Girl" + "Bear Mountain Zuihitsu" (August 2015)

Across the Margin, "The Leper's Manifesto" + "Maps," + "Parallax" (May 2015)

Three Line Poetry, "Every night it rains" (April 2015)

Sharkpack Poetry Review (winner of the Prospero Prize, Pushcart Prize nominee), “Homeless Man with Bird on the N Train" (2015)


The Blueshift Journal, "Metastasized" (Summer 2016)

Paragraph, "Patient 608A" (August 2015)

Prairie Schooner, "Spring in the Asylum” (Spring 2017)
That's Life Science (TLS) Art and Science Collaboration (Feb 2018 – Apr 2018)
Project description: Collaborated with Kadambari Devarajan (PhD student in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst) as artist-scientist pair. Created painting and poem inspired by scientific research for display in the Student Union Art Gallery as part of the 2018 Pipettes and Paintbrushes exhibition
FishFood Magazine, "Terrain" (2017)

AMPLIFY(HER)(publication of the Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund), "Distance" (August 2016)

Corium Magazine, "Madison 6" (Fall 2015)

Across the Margin, "Reap" (May 2015)